Chiropractic Techniques

Activator Methods

Activator Methods is one of most evidence-based, researched techniques in chiropractic that we offer our patients at CJ Chiropractic. This gentle, low-force approach to chiropractic care has been around since the late 1960’s, giving relief to people for a variety of health issues. This technique utilizes the latest advances in orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic examinations to help restore balance to the spine and nervous system. The technique utilizes specific protocols that challenge the nervous system for dysfunction to detect spinal joint subluxations. The way that Dr. Eddy and Dr. Bridgewater find these dysfunctions are by observing functional leg length changes as you lie face down on the adjusting table. This offers a comfortable and efficient way to check your entire spine. The Activator Adjusting Instrument provides a controlled, fast thrust that is comfortable for you and is consistently reliable every time an adjustment is needed. Activator technique is great for the entire family, from infants and athletic teens to grandparents, due to its gentle approach. For more information about activator before your appointment please visit this website:

Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology, otherwise known as “AK”, was discovered by Dr. George Goodheart during the 1960’s. He found and confirmed later with research, that evaluating via muscle testing, a doctor could broaden his/her evaluation to the function of the nervous, vascular, and lymphatic systems, nutrition, acupressure, cerebrospinal fluid function and many other controlling or disturbing factors that influence health. Dr. Eddy and Dr. Bridgewater test muscles in different areas of the body in a manner that evaluates a specific muscle. Each patient is different and unique to which muscles may feel extremely strong and some muscles feel weak. This “weakness” indicates poor control of the muscle but may also be an indicator of poor control of an organ, gland, or other tissue along the same nerve, vascular, acupressure point, or nutritional grouping. This type of evaluation helps Dr. Eddy and Dr. Bridgewater find the root cause and the most effective intervention for your health needs. If you would like more information about AK before your appointment, please visit this website:

NET Mind-Body Stress Relief

Stress responses such as fear, anger, grief and others can sometimes negatively affect us long after the stressful event happened. If your body fails to ‘let go’ of these responses, unexplained aversions such as self-sabotaging behaviors, destructive beliefs, phobias and many chronic physical problems can manifest. Dr. Eddy and Dr. Bridgewater use Neuro Emotional Technique, or “NET”, to identify and help you let go of these mind-body stress patterns. Finding and resolving these mind-body stress patterns is done with the help of manual muscle testing much like Applied Kinesiology. NET is a safe, effective and natural way to help resolve long-standing health problems that have these mind-body stress components. If you would like to know more about NET before your appointment, please watch the video on this website:


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