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What the Research Says!

Research has shown that utilizing chiropractic care during pregnancy reduces the amount of drugs used during delivery, decreased labor time, and a more pleasant experience for mom and baby during birth. These outcomes can be contributed to chiropractic's balancing effect on the nervous system!  Moms with a nervous system that is "stuck on" flight or fight mode cannot tap into the part of the nervous system (the parasympathetic nervous system) that controls the progression of labor.  If mom's nervous system is "stuck on" flight or fight,  this will cause undue stress to a laboring mom and increase the likelihood of intervention. 

When should I start Chiropractic?

Our doctors have found that the longer an expecting mother is able to use chiropractic threw her pregnancy the better the outcomes.  Our body and nervous system learns through repetition.  If mom is already stuck in "flight or fight", the full benefit of having a balanced nervous system during delivery may be difficult to achieve.  This is why we suggest you seek out chiropractic care as soon as you know you are expecting, or even better when you and your spouse are wanting to conceive

Our doctors utilize state of the art neurological scanning technology to be able to quantify and locate where imbalances are taking place in an expecting mom's nervous system.  This way we can say with certainty how close you are to having the best delivery experience.  Once we achieve balance in the nervous system, utilizing chiropractic care throughout pregnancy ensures that neurological function stays at its best during the many natural changes that pregnancy brings. 

Is There Benefits for My Baby With Chiropractic? 

Research has shown that the umbilical cord is being seen more as a "power cord" between mom and baby.  Baby's external environment during pregnancy is mother's internal environment.  This means that if mom's stress levels are stuck in a "fight of flight" mode, that baby's external environment during development in the womb is stressful! Mother's stress hormones (norepinephrine, epinephrine, and cortisol) which are controlled by the nervous system, can affect baby during development.  By being kind to mom during pregnancy and balancing her nervous system with chiropractic, a stress free environment for baby's development can take place.  This helps reduce the amount of stress baby's nervous system will be in during this delicate developmental stage.  This is our favorite part about pregnancy care for families! ;)


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