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What will My First Day Look Like?

When you first come in to our office you will be met with a smile and probably a greeting from our 2 office pups! Our amazing staff will take your filled out demographic and medical history forms and set you up with the last little bit of forms allowing us to complete you initial exam that day.  Next will be a tour of our office and to make sure that you can pick up any water or tea before bringing you back to the exam room.  Here you will have a short wait while your doctor reviews your medical history to find out what questions we need to ask to understand your story.  Then the doctor will knock and come in for your exam

What happens during the exam?

Your doctor will let you tell your story! Thanks to your filled out paper work, our doctor's will be able to get right into the deep questions to better understand what the cause of your struggles are and what is keeping you from reaching your goals.  Once this is achieved, our doctor will move on the physical and neuro-scan exam.  This will be able to rule out red flags, better understand what is happening in your body, and be able to locate and quantify where your nervous system is stuck onto stress!

What is a Neuro-scan?

We use state of the art scanning technology from CLA iNsight scanner system.  This is a three part scanning system that includes heart rate variability, surface EMG, and thermography.  These scans combined are able to measure how much reserve energy your nervous system has the ability to adapt to stress, to measure the efficiency and total energy usage of your nervous system, and to measure how deep these stresses are stuck into your neurology.  

When Can I Start Receiving Adjustments?

Based on your story, exam findings, and your scans; your doctor will be able to create a custom plan of adjustments to get your nervous system functioning better, relieve and get you past your struggles, and move on to new possibilities! After your initial exam, our front desk CAs will get you scheduled for your second report of findings visit.  During this visit, you will be presented your results from your exam, what it means, what action steps need to be taken to reach your goals, and your first adjustment! 


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