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I Love My Kids But Does Your Practice Adjust Adults Too?

Pediatrics is our passion!  However, we are a full family practice.  We know that when families get chiropractic together, they get well together faster!  

Our doctors are trained and effective at getting adults' nervous systems to a healthy and functioning state that helps you meet the demanding stressors that come with adult responsibilities, keeping up with your kids, performing at the gym or sports, and everyday well being and happiness.  We know that every decade of life has different demands and opportunities afforded to it.  We help you meet these challenges! 


Our evaluation process is similar in that we will get a full history of your health, physical exam, and our neuro-scanning technology to determine how your nervous system is functioning.  Every person is different in what stresses they have encountered throughout their life and to what degree.  With objective findings and your story we will be able to determine a tailored care plan designed to you to help you meet your goals and live your best life. 

If you have never had chiropractic care before and are just now wanting to work on your health, we have good news!  It is never too late to pursue chiropractic!  Although an adult's neuro-plasticity is not nearly as great and adaptable as the kiddos that we adjust in our practice, it is amazing at the results chiropractic care can produce for our adult patients!  Contact us today to get your health journey started!


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